Still 'N Motion'

Collaborating Awareness

“Helping others communicate their message to enlighten the world.”

At Still N Motion we create social and artistic awareness through different media and collaboration with our clients. This allows us to learn from one another and expand our knowledge and artistic abilities. We collaborate with production crews and talent all over the world. We have the capability and passion to take your project from a beginning idea to a finished product.We listen to your needs and ideas and we bring to life an accurate compelling and enlightening message.


Patrick Burns, founder and CEO of Still N Motion, has been creating innovative video and photography in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the globe. Patrick received a degree in Radio Television Broadcasting with an emphasis in Fim and a minor in Journalism from San Jose State University. He started Still N Motion in 1982 after extensive experience as a Cinematographer, Aerial Image Special Effects Artist, studio and location Photographer and Producer for 5 years. He has worked with many of the top corporations and technology companies in the Bay Area and beyond.
Andrew Taylor is the man behind this website and all programming projects. He has knowledge and expertise in web technologies, including: javascript, HTML5, CSS, and Wordpress.

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