Fuel your Marketing Video

October 17, 2017

Learn how to use video to it’s fullest potential on the internet.


Editing video and graphics in Premiere Pro.


If your company is looking to improve your marketing efforts and attract more customers, and who isn’t, video is the most effect solution.

We humans are sophisticated sensory beings that capture significant information from the sight, sound and motion of video. And we do it very quickly. Google understands this value so well that they paid 1.65 billion dollars for YouTube on October 6, 2006.

Google instantly transcribes your YouTube video and indexes these words into the search engine and automatically populates this information in all search engines. Text, code, and images can take months for web crawlers to find and display your site in a search engine.


That’s where Still N Motion Video Fuel steps in.


We have the format to create your videos that will maximize the reach of the top two search engines; Google and YouTube. Start with these 4 Guidelines to assure an effective, targeted video campaign:

1   Searchability

2   Clarity

3   Value

4   Quality


All four are equally important to target your audience and new customers. Use the correct language that your target audience would use to search for you and your products or services. Make sure your message is clear and targeted to your audience. Assure that what you are offering is valuable to your target audience. Quality: Your video must be created with quality to support your offering.


Watch the following video for an overview of our Video Fuel program.



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