The Future of Television

July 10, 2014

Television is in a rapid evolution. Q3, 2014 saw a dramatic drop in conventional TV viewing as many viewers opted for pay per view or internet streamingĀ services. Over the past four years 18 to 24 year oldĀ audiencesĀ have cut their TV viewing by 30%. People are moving away from traditional linear viewing as reported by NAPTE and we should see a major shift to highly selective broadcasting in next couple years. The major distributors Comcast, DirectTV, Dishnetwork, ATT will be forced to adopt a flexible programming style that will allow viewers and subscribers to select only the channels or programs they want instead of being overwhelmed with massive packages at extraordinary cost and inconvenient navigation.

What this means is that new vertical programming markets will be opened to producers. Since Television will emulate and incorporate many of the on demand streaming characteristics, specialized programming will become available to unique viewers and advanced metrics will document accurate trends and viewing. The old Nielsen Ratings of reporting select family viewing to represent the entire country will become a thing of the past and we will begin to see direct feedback.

Now is the time to plan your information dissemination if you have a unique message or audience that looks to you for guidance, information, leadership or inspiration.

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